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About Us


Haven - a place of safety or refuge. We believe Golf is more than just a game // Golf is our Haven -  It's a place to get away from reality + share a laugh with old & new friends. We aim to provide the best performance apparel for anyone who loves the game, and wants to look and feel great - whether it be on the course, at the office, or out to dinner with those you love.



In 2020 when Covid first hit, I realized that many of my hobbies/passions were taken away and I fell into a major rut. I started picking up golf, and quickly got hooked and have been either golfing or practicing at least 2x a week since. Haven started because I wanted to create a brand centered around the benefits of golf and to bring people together. Golf is a Haven. Golf is therapy in the purest sense. I hope Haven brings people from all walks of life together for one common goal - to escape reality for a few hours and chase perfection in the most comfortable best looking gear on the market.